Aveda Artists transform your hair, face and body with every touch. Their artistry comes in many forms: colorists paint infinite shades, stylists sculpt with scissors, makeup masters brush on nature's colors, and spa experts reshape how you feel with the stroke of a hand. All bring you the Art of Aveda, rooted in our heritage - the Art and Science of Pure Flower and Plant Essences.



  TITLE Atelier Artist

  SALON Atelier Studio

  CITY, STATE San Jose, CA

  CELINE'S AVEDA STORY I was about five years old when I fell in love with all things glam

  and have been inspired by my mom who has worked in an aveda salon for 15 years. When

  I graduated from High School I was determined follow my dreams of being a hairstylist.

  I attended the Cinta Aveda institute in 2012 and began at Atelier Aveda Salon and Studio

  soon after I was licensed. I love creating enhanced natural looks, using balayage techniques

  to give my clients a customized color treatment. 


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